Symptom: People phobia with acute anxiety

Before Zoë came to help me, I had been suffering with a people phobia with anxiety that was so debilitating I hadn’t worked in 4 years. I tried everything I could, took all the drugs, did huge amounts of different therapies, even having an anxiety counsellor that came to the house. Nothing worked. I so desperately wanted to have my life back. The NHS team had tried ‘flooding’ over and over again to try and reduce my ‘fight or flight’ response, but because I also suffer from bi-polar and borderline personality disorder I would disassociate before my brain would realise the situation wasn’t dangerous. This meant I was stuck and my world shrunk. I even became scared of my own sister, who couldn’t come to the house. I rarely ventured outside and never went anywhere alone. My mum had to accompany me to appointments and I would continue to have massive panic attacks every time. It got to the point where I just could not believe that my life would ever be different again. I felt like my life was over and was completely isolated from the world. Then Zoë came back into my life.

Within a couple of weeks I walked around the green outside my house, by myself for the first time in years. Within a month I was walking the dog by myself, visiting my elderly grandmother in a home and even having a drink outside a pub. Its been 3 months and I’ve stopped seeing my NHS counsellor because she is simply redundant now! I’ve been into a small town centre, gone to the cinema, into two supermarkets, had a beauty treatment and been to so many new places. These may seem small accomplishments, but they mean the world to me. The main thing is, I don’t feel scared AT ALL when I do these things. I haven’t had a panic attack in months and feel more and more confident by the day. I feel hope again. I know my life will get better and I am patiently and compassionately waiting for myself to heal.

The reason for my continuing recovery is Zoë’s remarkable ability to pluck just the right technique each session from her expansive knowledge base. Instead of just using the same healing method every time and expecting that to work for every individual, Zoë implements a very fluid and sympathetic approach that empowers you with the specific resources you need to accomplish your goals. She is such an intuitive person who is able to select the perfect tool for you to use that session and afterwards at home. Zoë’s not only a gifted therapeutic healer, she’s a wonderful teacher. Her goal is not to make you dependant on her so you will need to book more sessions, it is to enable you to continue to heal yourself past the end of the appointment. I will continue to employ the techniques Zoë has taught me for the rest of my life and will always be eternally grateful to her for giving me my life back. Thank you Zoë!

Lisa, Wokingham

Lisa’s Mum’s comments:

Zoë’s methods have achieved what the NHS mental health service failed to do and that is to give my daughter, Lisa the methods to emerge from the cage that had become her life. Where one method fails, there appears to be another one that would work. Lisa has become a calmer, happier, more outgoing person than she has been in the last few years and we can see a glimmer of her old self. I don’t know what would have happened to Lisa without Zoë and I can’t thank her enough for her help.


Symptom: Obsessive compulsive thoughts leading to anxiety and panic attacks

I am deeply cynical of pretty much everything and didn’t see how EFT or therapy could possibly help me. Yet within a short period of time I have gone from feeling like I’m at war with my mind to feeling like I’m more than capable of dealing with anxiety. Zoë is eternally patient and rather than preach the virtues of any techniques or make you feel like a mental, she simply helped me accept myself to see the light through the trees. And, yes, I’m still cynical of most things and wouldn’t believe this either if I read it. So just try it.

M. D. Reading


Symptom: Anxiety and depression stemming from 50 years of physical and emotional abuse.

I feel privileged to have met you in my darkest days, all past now I am pleased to say. Thank you so much for your wisdom, help and guidance, you put a light on in my life.  You are a gifted woman,  I think very highly of you as a mentor and confidant.

A.S., Reading


Symptom: Anxiety and irrational emotional reaction to loved ones leaving

Thank you for the follow up information, it was great to meet you and wow I really wasn’t expecting such results. I had such a lovely weekend with my parents and I can think about saying goodbye to my sister without crumbling to the floor now, which is so amazing. It’s so refreshing to be able to think about things without getting upset, although I know I will miss my sister and she will miss us, I know that she’s happy out there a fact I wasn’t even getting to before!

EFT has really allowed me to think past my own upset and to think rationally about the fact my sister no longer lives in this country and that yes I will see her again and I have to thank you so much for that and also for the timing – I don’t know how I would have said goodbye to her next week if we hadn’t have met last Saturday.  I can see why you love EFT so much, I am really shocked at the results …. and that’s just after 1 session 🙂

Sam R. from Wokingham


Symptom: Fear of enclosed/locked places such as cars and lifts

As a colleague of Zoë’s and a Counsellor I was very intrigued by the treatments that Zoë offers and thought that I would give it a try. For many years I have had a problem with lifts and other confined, locked spaces, like lifts, planes etc. I had never sought treatment as the level of my problem although troublesome at times had always been manageable. However, recently I was avoiding situations more and had started only visiting the areas of London that I could reach without using the underground. So, I could see that it was now time to do something

I booked a session with Zoë, really just expecting the first session to be a consultation session and then following up with some more. One problem I have is being in a car when it is locked. So, for example, sitting in a friend’s car that has child locks on is out of the question or locking my own car late at night was also not something I could do. So, after Zoë taking a history and us talking about my anxieties, Zoë got me to sit in my car; my car happens to have an unreliable locking system which of course adds to my anxiety. With Zoë talking me through EFT I was able to work through my anxiety as I was experiencing it.

At one point I got very anxious and Zoë had to unlock the car. But that was okay, Zoë was so relaxed and understanding and I was able to lock the door again and continue to work through my anxiety using EFT. At the end Zoë asked what my anxiety rating was and it was zero out of ten and this is whilst we were still sitting in the car whilst it was locked…my unreliable, self-locking car!

I had a short Hypnotherapy session after this which was very relaxing. I’m not sure that I was in a Hypnotic state, but I was less distracted by outside thoughts than I have been when I have done relaxation sessions in the past.

After the session I drove home and locked my car to see if I could cope with this and I did…for the duration of the 20 minute drive!

A few weeks later I attended a training day in London and was able to use the underground, travelling for about 15 stops in total. I was absolutely fine; no anxiety. This is such a relief as I am about to embark on the follow up training which will require regular visits to London and I will now not have to rely on buses and expensive taxis.

I am amazed that so much has been achieved in one session. I do intend to have more sessions, just to make sure that I have consolidated the changes made so far and then who knows…Long haul flights here we come!!

I am very happy to continue referring my clients to Zoë when I can see that EFT is something that they can use in their journey towards change.

Terri, Fleet


Symptom: Paranoia, fears and anxiety stemming from sexual abuse, abortion grief etc.

I wanted to write and tell you my progress. Following a nervous breakdown in 2001, I was told by various psychotherapists that I would be in therapy for many years after what I have been through. Oddly enough, I decided not to take them up on their offer! Then I sought your help – so far you have had about 3 months with me with astounding results that I never thought would be possible.

Do you realise how liberating it is for me to be able to go for a walk in the woods or anywhere and not have my heart pound and my adrenaline rush thinking that someone somewhere was waiting to attack me? It is paralysing to go around thinking that if anything bad is going to happen it is going to happen to you. That is how I have felt for years and never been able to do the thing I enjoy the most; just be in an open space and enjoy the solitude. To be able to sleep in a house on my own in the dark; to not worry when I am out at night in town that it is all going to end in disaster and violence; to be able to go back into my family fold without fearing rejection.

I no longer feel that I just exist. I can open my mouth, say what I have to say and not fear the consequence or be gripped by a feeling of just not being good enough. I have none of these fears anymore; they no longer have a hold on me.

For more than 10 years I have been punishing myself out of guilt and grief, you have enabled me to stop what seemed like a never ending cycle. I have the heartening feeling that everything is going to be just fine.

I have also not had an attack of paranoia for I don’t know how long – self doubt yes, but who doesn’t? The paranoia demon has gone and that I can live my life with objectivity is a gift that you have given me.

I feel love; I don’t feel as alone as I once did. I know I can be loved and I know I am loved by many people and this number will grow as time goes on. This is something I cherish, a feeling of acceptance that I had never really felt.

All of this, you have done. And you have given me the tools to ensure I can strengthen and bolster myself – amazing. You are amazing and I am so lucky to have your help. You have worked wonders and miracles; things I never thought could be addressed, mountains I could never climb, fears that would never go away.

Thank you very much Zoë, life could have continued on with big black clouds instead I have sunshine.

LC, Reading, Berkshire


Symptom: Acute anxiety and panic attacks

For the week before half term my college attendance was 100%! I then managed to go shopping with friends and go to other people’s houses during half term which I would not have been able to do a few weeks ago.

I spent the day at my Grandparents house which meant two, hour long car journeys in which I felt no anxiety at all…not even the slightest bit! This was truly amazing for me as I have not been able to go out and feel calm and comfortable for the last year and a half. So that was amazing!

I have now got myself into a routine of doing my tapping and reading through the exercise you gave me every morning which really sets me up for the day.  I honestly haven’t felt this good in over two years.

So I wanted to email you to say that you are a truly wonderful and very special person and that I couldn’t have got through this without you!

Thank you so much!

Becky, Hartley Whitney

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