The whirlwind weekend is underway

N.B. I wrote this post on the train last friday but have only just had a chance to publish it on my blog.


At 8 months pregnant, I am off on an adventure to Essex of all places. My husband is slightly twitchy that I am travelling 5 hours away by train to Clacton-on-Sea to visit my aunt who I saw a couple of weeks ago. But he knows what I’m like and this is one opportunity too good to miss. My aunt is hosting her London writing group weekend workshop and invited me along as a guest. The group is made up of experienced, professional writers and writing teachers and I’m going to be talking about my book and getting their input. No pressure then! It might not be quite so nerve-wracking but I’m totally disorganised. I meant to email the book to the group in advance so they could read it and print out some copies to take with me – neither of which have happened. Just have to hope I can win them over with my synopsis and chapter reading. If the weekend wasn’t busy enough I also have a wedding to go to on Sunday in Milton Keynes which I will have to go to on my own as Rowan may still be contagious with chicken pox. Fingers crossed the baby doesn’t decide to make an early appearance as that would be one activity too many for such a jam-packed few days. You hear me baby, I’m not ready for you yet – I have a book to finish!
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