A Spring Ride

I love the drive to my son’s pre-school
The narrow, twisting country lanes
Edged with recently trimmed hedgerows,
Dotted with fresh green leaves
And yellow wildflowers peeking through at the bottom
I love not knowing when something might come round the next corner
It keeps my mind clear and alert
I’m always happy to back up into a passing area 
To let another driver come past
I’ve not met one unfriendly person on this route, so far
Who doesn’t wave a thank you or return my smile
Normally, I listen to an audiobook at this time of day
As it’s a rare opportunity for me to do so
But today, I turn the stereo off and roll the windows down
With the wind in my hair, I drink in the beauty flying past
I’m in no hurry and even in my periphery,
The sights and sounds are bewitching
The clear blue sky with occasional white puff of cloud
The warm sun on my face
The wind swept trees surfing in mid-air
Casting their long flickering shadows across my windscreen
A soft smile settles on my face
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