Unexpected action took hold of me today, 
I opened a locked door into the unknown
Just to peek inside
I was amazed at what I found
My dreams and potential roaming free
Bathed in sunlight, nurtured with love
A haven of possibility, I could barely believe
A playful wonderland where anything goes
A secret garden bursting with life 
What is stopping me from stepping inside?
The excuses no longer add up
Am I ready to do this or being impatient?
Is it time to set my unique voice free
Or am I the butterfly with a hole in its wing
Slightly tattered; just come round from a long winter
Disorientated and hopeful, caught in a cobweb
Flapping exhaustedly, trying to break free
Yet every time I do
I am compelled to return to the wispy trap
That binds me to the past and all its excuses
Launching myself up against a grubby window
Over and over
With a beautiful world sealed away on the other side
Do I have the strength to find another way?
Time to breathe and let go… Image


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