Warrior Woman

This is a slight variation on the original poem I posted a few weeks ago now.  
Dear Warrior Woman,
You know you are
Through sharing how you feel
I may know you, even from afar
By allowing others to see you
To feel inside your pain
You step forward out of the shadows
As you shine your light on shame
I hope you know I admire you
Your courage is my muse
Your heart is strong and tender
Battling on though you’ve much to lose
It breaks me open to hear about your tumble
And yet we both know, for you,
This knock is just a stumble
And your strength will carry you through
My Courageous Friend, I salute you
Delving fiercely into the depths of pain
Unsure yet determined
Your efforts will not be in vain
Trusting in a higher purpose
And open to explore
Ready to ride any emotion
Then rise up from the ashes once more
Nothing can keep you down
For you there’s no greater sentence   
Turning weakness into power
You bathe in the light of acceptance
Prepared to make a stand
Ready to face whatever you find
Stepping forth into unmarked territory
You’re an inspiration to all womankind
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