When Understanding Strikes

Two concepts I thought I ‘knew’ logically, at least, suddenly ripened and deepened in my understanding today.

‘Rational Mind Vs Intuitive Mind’

The rational mind is no better than the intuitive mind.  Each has unique characteristics and therefore should be used for entirely different purposes.  One does not negate the other.  When valued for their individual attributes, they form a powerful symbiotic relationship.  The key is to never try and use them simultaneously – that is like pressing the break and the accelerator pedals at the same time.  Never allow your rational mind to discredit or interrupt the flow of your creative mind until it comes to a natural finish.  Then stop and breathe – savour the moment immediately after freeing the creative mind; it is a beautiful space to rest in.  Next, invite the rational mind back to do its best work i.e. fine tuning while respecting the essence of the original creation.

‘Happiness and Having Vs Acceptance’

Happiness does not arise from having something.  I repeat.  Happiness does not arise from having something, despite the persuasive assurances of the ego.  Receiving what we want provides a fleeting sense of satisfaction, which fades with time and is quickly replaced with the next goal or object of desire.   Real happiness is far less exciting for the ego.  Firstly you don’t need to acquire or do anything to experience it.  The feeling will arise quite naturally when you accept whatever ‘is’ in the moment; staying with it, without judgement, whether it is a thought, a feeling or a circumstance. Unless you let go of the ego’s bullet-proof story which always resists what is, lasting happiness will evade you.  Acceptance of the way things are is the birthplace of true happiness.

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