Courageous Warrior

I wrote this poem this morning in bed, after receiving a heartfelt email from a dear friend.  It got me thinking how lucky I am to have so many warrior women/men in my life, who inspire me to show more of the real me, warts and all, each day.  Thank you all for allowing yourselves to be seen, whether you offer your experience first or open up in response to mine.  This poem is inspired by my friend and goes out to you all 🙂
Dear Warrior Woman,
You know who you are!
You have more strength than you know
Just by admitting how you feel
You give your gift by sharing your woe
Warrior Woman,
You know you will survive this blow
Sweet, kind Warrior Woman,
I admire you in all you do
Your courage is a guiding light, an inspiration
Which carries us all through
It breaks me open to hear you have taken a tumble
And yet you and I both know,
This knock is just a stumble
So strong are you at your core
Allowing yourself to feel real pain
Before rising up once more
Nothing can keep you down
For too much time
As your precious battle scars
Are what make you shine
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