Hope for spring

Grey clouds hang over head with a sense of impending doom
The rain spits on us as we trudge out for a walk
Determined to blow out the cobwebs, we persist
Noticing daffodils growing in the strangest of places
A sporadic scattering across an agricultural field
A determined family fight their way through dried grasses
Daring to poke their florescent flutes up through the brambles
Such a delicate flower but with so much grit
Were they planted or how did they get there, I wonder?
Either way, they are fighting for their lives
This blustery, cold spring is testing their resolve
But like a cosy fire on a icy winter’s day
A splash of sunny splendour
Out of the corner of my eye, reminds me
There is always a glimmer of potential to be found
Even on the bleakest of days   
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