Treading Water

I keep hearing it
Everywhere I go
Whispers in my ear,
Other people’s loud excuses
A dream I am trying to run but can’t
It must be a sign…
I keep saying there’s so much to do
And not enough time before baby comes
Yet I’m not taking small steps in any direction
Treading water is all I manage
Bobbing about at the mercy of the current
Waiting to be washed up on the shore
Or swept out to sea
I need to focus and make a plan
Otherwise, before I know it
I’ll have a crying new born, no sleep and a toddler to juggle
Wondering what I did with all ‘that’ time
I’m in the place between inspiration and action
I know once the first step is taken
Inspiration will flow
But, but, but,
Then I hear that Voice again,
Loud and clear in my ear
“Always begin with a question,” it whispers
“What is my next step?” I say
And so I wait for my answer…
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