The Mirror of My Heart

Watching our nearly three year old son
My heart expands with love
The sight of his vibrant, ready smile
Sends my ego spiralling out of control
Grounding me in stillness and joy
Caught in the moment, I realise like never before
All I can do as a parent,
Is what I feel is best
I believe our children are drawn to us for a reason
Our test as parents, like everything else,
Is simply to allow our true selves to be seen
Rowan has taught me so much in such a short time
Reflecting back my fears and weaknesses,
Especially my need to appear perfect as a mother
I am a better person for having him in my life
He has raised my game to an entirely new level
Testing all the values I hold dear
I hope I can always find the strength to allow him to find his own way
Remembering the courage it has taken for me to trust my instincts,
And stand squarely in my power, even when I stood alone.
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