That which makes us stronger

We all possess a hidden power within us
and the challenges we face offer a direct route to our potential
reminding us of who we really came here to be
Without crisis and setbacks in our lives,
would we even have the drive to change or grow?
I believe the more fierce the pain,
the greater the internal resource we are able to tap into
Strength, courage, compassion…
all give rise to a place of peace and self-acceptance in the end
but only when we cut loose the tortured demons of our minds

Hurt people hurt people, as the saying goes
But when is the time to step beyond blame and suffering
and into the qualities we long to reunite with?
No matter what happens,
there will come a point where we must all face a decision
to choose our direction and the path which is right for us
without preconceived ideas. We must trust.
Whether we choose to carry the pain with us
or close that chapter of our lives forever,
extracting from it only that which makes us stronger

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