A wonder of this world or the next

A wonder of this world or the next

I love to boggle my mind with a curious fact now and again
For every time I do, it reminds me how easy it is to remain limited in our thinking,
whether we care to admit it or not
Take for example Tardigrades, otherwise known as waterbears or moss piglets
Have you heard of them? Well I hadn’t, until today.
These tiny creatures are inconceivable in terms of what they can put up with
Supreme levels of indestructability allow them to withstand EXTREME conditions
Temperatures ranging from -273 degrees C to well above the boiling point of water,
and pressures far greater than those of the deepest ocean trenches
They are the only known animal to survive in outer space
While solar, gamma and even ionic radiation are no match for their little eight-legged bodies, with their tiny, wee claws
And there’s no need for them to rush out to grab a quick bite or drink anytime soon
as they can happily go without for up to 10 years!
So otherworldly are their supernatural survival abilities that conspiracy theorists have suggested they may conceivably originate from Mars
Falling to Earth quite accidentally,
off the back of a meteorite some 530 million years ago
My mind is blow away by these staggering creatures
Especially when the easiest way to find one is to soak some moss in spring water
You can even study one under a low power microscope
Conspiracy theories aside,
what I want to know is why would a creature, all the superpowers of the world would love to unlock the secrets of, be pottering about on our relatively harmless planet?
And why would evolution grant them such advanced natural protection to do just that?
One thing’s for sure, you can never stop expanding your perspective of what is possible by studying the awesome wonders of Nature!

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