When is the right time for change?

 What does it mean when we must go back into hibernation after an already long, hard winter?  Just as we were beginning to open up our hopeful buds and ready ourselves for the first brave shoots of spring, only to find that spring has gone back into hiding.  Maybe it is a reflection of ourselves; that we are not yet ready to shine our light in the world and embrace our next season?   Or maybe the next season is simply not quite ready for us?
The weather at this time of year usually brings with it a renewed sense of certainty, hope even, just knowing that growth and transformation are on the way, giving rise to a celebration of new life.  Yet here we are hanging back, waiting and longing for that moment to emerge before we may step forward into the full potential of this year.  Where else are we just waiting for the perfect moment or circumstances to present themselves before we feel ready to proceed?   And what if that perceived moment never arrives?

Is this unusual cold snap just a reminder to be present to life in each moment, pointing out there is no certainty beyond that which we know in our heart or believe in our mind?  That even Mother Nature cannot be relied upon to deliver our expectations?  Only we can know for sure.  In the meantime, we are presented with an opportunity to embrace change in a backward sense and accept nothing is ever quite as it seems, despite what the mind informs us.  What would happen if we chose to ready ourselves for change?  Would the conditions for new life then present themselves to us?  Or is this just a waiting game?  I wonder… 

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