Through the eye of a tree

Rotting tree2

Looking through the rotting eye of an otherwise healthy tree
I can see great beauty in its fragile condition
and a deeper truth framed by its decaying heart
It reminds me of what happens when I allow
painful thoughts to eat away inside me
I stand alongside that tree,
feeling at the mercy of the elements
Wondering if one day,
a gust of wind may also tip my balance
and bring me crashing down
This notion holds both fascination and fear for me
But I also know and trust when this damaged part does eventually break and fall away
A new part will grow in its place, making the whole much stronger

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5 Responses to Through the eye of a tree

  1. zoebasil says:

    An artist friend of mine also spotted a very interesting image within the tree, if you look very closely. The face of a hooded woman with very long arms embracing two small children at her feet. It’s quite amazing now I can see it!

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