Finding Your Way

When you hold the hand of joy along your path
it will always give you great purpose in your life.
Then you will know, when joy leaves your side
it is time for a new direction.
Let experience be your only teacher of what is true and real
the mind struggles to comprehend what experience can clarify in an instant.
One way to deal with self-doubt is to hold the mirror of direct experience up to it
over and over again, until that voice is silenced.
There is no map or list of directions for how to lead your life
You will only know your next step, when the next step is ready for you.
Only once that part of your life has been led
can you look back and see quite clearly the Divine breadcrumb trail you followed.
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1 Response to Finding Your Way

  1. I especially like this phrase: “the Divine breadcrumb trail ” Very nice piece! ☼ tomas

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