What is Love?

A poet might tell you Love is unconditional, everlasting adoration
The average man might say it’s a home-cooked meal at the end of a long day
For the average woman it might be a thoughtful gift or birthday surprise
But the truth is Love is what you make it.
For many Love is a set of invisible rules
Often calved out when you feel down due to self-neglect,
Instead of being kind to yourself you look to your loved one to fill that void
Does that all knowing partner even exist?
I believe that person is a myth
A thought infecting your mind
In the end, it is always a test of self-awareness of what you want to avoid
Is self-Love and self-compassion the answer to your waning Love life?    
Love can be as simple as learning to accept your partner, just as they are
Long after the shiny wrapping and initial rush have fallen away
Trusting they are doing the best they can with the knowledge and resources they possess
Love between humans cannot be without fault otherwise you would not be human.
Love is always sweet in the beginning but like most things we live with for a while
It eventually fades or gets stretched out of its original shape, like a favourite jumper
Sometimes taken for granted but still loved like no other.


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