Engaging In Active Evolution

The world is constantly in a state of flux, as the natural environment changes so nature follows its lead, gradually adapting itself in order to survive.  When a species resists or is slow to adapt, then it becomes at risk of extinction.  People are the same, but rather than wait around for life to force change upon us, we have the option to actively evolve as well.
Unlike most of nature, we have the ability to take great evolutionary strides in one short life time through the power of our imagination and our ability to choose.  When we adapt our perspective, we change our world.  When we believe our life is unjust it undoubtedly is and when we discover a silver lining in our midst, the world is miraculously restored.  It really is that simple if we can bring ourselves to believe it.
By questioning our beliefs and going against the tide of our reactive nature, which usually means moving out of our comfort zone, we can reality-check our circumstances and often save ourselves a lot of misery.  When we do this mindfully, we become a stronger, more confident and self-aware version of ourselves.  If we make it into a small daily habit, we will foster a state of transformation, gratitude and conscious expansion which builds with time.  This way we are aligned with the ever changing environment we live in, instead of mentally drowning ourselves in an attempt to maintain the status quo.  This of course is not always easy which is why making it into a small daily habit can make it less of an uphill battle.
Active evolution is grounded in the awareness and acceptance that the world is always changing.  Now we can control so much more through science and medicine, survival is less of an issue for many of us who would, at one time, simply never have survived.  So ‘How can we thrive and make the most of our life?’ may be a more pertinent question for us to answer.  And in doing so we must recognise we always have a choice in what we think and do, regardless of our disabilities or restrictions, as a life form we were born to adapt and grow.
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