The mystery of human existence

An acorn does not need a lesson in how to grow into an oak tree.  Its natural disposition is to mature and blossom in tune with the seasons, while inadvertently serving the world at large as well as the habitat in which it dwells.  What is the difference between us and an acorn or even an oak tree?  We have a mind and feelings therefore freewill to choose our path in life and to change the lives of others in a way we believe is for the greater good.  Our Western mind set in particular encourages us to analyse, judge meddle and conquer all of existence rather than accept, allow and work with the natural cycle of life.  Why were we planted on this planet with the freedom to carry out our own agenda?  Why do we have a default setting of ambition and control but exist in the context of the laws of nature with her propensity for effortless living?  Are we a social experiment or a reality show for the gods?
For these answers I am still searching.
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