Practice Makes Happiness

If it’s meant to be, you’ll make it happen
it cannot be more plain.
When you aim for mastery of your passion
you’ll never fail again.
When it challenges you and you thrive on it
lean out of your comfort zone
Each fall becomes your feedback
as you step out on your own
It’s the only goal you’ll ever have
that you’ll never want to reach
‘cause the joy is in the practicing
and there’s always more to teach
It’s ok if now you want a quiet life
or you’re too tired and unsure
Destiny has a persistent way
of knocking at your door
Is every decision preordained,
or can you change the rules?
Your inner truth is always there
if you just enlist your tools
Resistance means you’re struggling
standing in your own way
So accept what life throws at you
‘cause patience has the last say
It is not for your mind to question
just hold your vision clear
For when you listen with your heart
your soul is free to steer
We enter this world with all we need
but society shouts “CONFORM!”
It’s strength of character in the end
that guides us through the storm
Doing what you love most of all
means you cannot fail to win
But when you overcare what others think
you can only sink or swim.
So share your loving words with others
the joy encouragement brings
And in blazing your trail, you may inspire
another to find their wings.
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