Chasing Your Own Tale

Do you dream of making a difference
of flipping the world on its head?
Or just putting yourself out there
and taking a risk, instead?
Am I the first to tell you
you live in a made up world?
Where you always do the best you can
and the truth is easily curled.
Of course…
your family’s demanding, your voice just can’t be heard
your monkey mind is relentless
and your ideas are simply absurd.
You squeeze every drop out of everyday
so you have a right to moan
about all the things you’d love to do,
if only you had a clone.
All this is true for everyone
unless you are open to learn.
Or, you can just circle your goals forever
and meet yourself coming back in an urn.
The backdoor past your wily old ego
is easy enough to find.
Sidestep your daily complaining
and make choices which open your mind.
Look to those who bug you
and see yourself in their place.
So easy to spot their self-sabotage
but what don’t you want to face?
You don’t mean to judge, you can’t help it
but you could whip their life into shape
shaking up their day to day living,
hacking through all their red tape.
It’s funny how lives are calved out
sculpted by habit and fear.
The trick is to spot your own fable
before you get stuck in first gear.
Once you set your world in stone
you give away your power.
Just take a small step towards your goal
and make today your finest hour!
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