I am no longer working one-to-one with clients due to other work commitments but if you are interested in trialing my new membership service MindRescue, due to launch in Spring/Summer 2016, please visit: MindRescue.net for more details.  

Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting.  I hope the following will help you decide quickly and easily if what I do and how I do it is of interest and relevant to you.

Working in person, over the ‘phone or via Skype, I specialise in helping people who experience acute anxiety, distress and/or debilitating fear on a daily basis.  In other words: you feel at the mercy of something beyond your control.  Whether you have felt this way for years or a recent event has triggered a personal crisis, I can offer support and guidance to help you get back on track with more focus and clarity than before.  I work exclusively with people who feel trapped by their circumstances including their thoughts and emotions and/or physical restrictions/disabilities.  If this sounds like you and you are open and ready for change, please get in touch today.


“Zoë’s methods have achieved what the NHS mental health service failed to do and that is to give my daughter Lisa the methods to emerge from the cage that had become her life.”  ~ mother of a client


My intentions when working with a client are:

~ To work in a respectful, person-centred way (which means I believe your feelings and perspective are extremely valuable in the healing process).

~ To enable you to have acceptance and peace of mind regarding your current circumstances in order to think and act more clearly and purposefully.

~ To offer unhurried, non-judgemental support and understanding so you can move at a pace which feels comfortable and natural for you.

~ To provide an enjoyable and gentle, flexible and investigative approach to self-discovery, led by you.

~ To bring out the best in you by focusing on your strengths and potentials so you can realise your goals.

I am an experienced therapist with a background in clinical hypnotherapy, Solution-Focused Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), forming part of the toolkit of therapies I have developed as a practitioner working to help people.  Experience has shown me adapting to the client is more important than the specific technique used, so my approach is very much more intuitive.


“… Zoë implements a very fluid and sympathetic approach that empowers you with the specific resources you need to accomplish your goals.”

~ Lisa, Wokingham


If you would like to discuss your situation, I am very happy to give you a call-back.  Please visit the Contact page for more details or go to my Testimonials page to hear what others have said about working with me.

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